About us

The company is owned and run by Richard Haworth and Luke Milner who conceived the idea for High Latitudes on their first yacht whilst undertaking a sailing and mountaineering expedition to Antarctica. Having spent many of their formative years both on the water and in the mountains, their addiction to the high latitudes began this trip and they have since enjoyed helping many others experience these wonderful places too.

High Latitudes has a number of experienced individuals, each a specialist in their field, all who have spent many years in the Southern and Arctic Oceans. From experienced project managers and engineers to high latitude skippers, masters and on board naturalists, one of our consultants will have the expertise you require.

Richard Haworth
Richard, originally a Mechanical Engineer, is an experienced skipper of charter yachts in polar waters, having managed many established yachts including "Pelagic" and "Pelagic Australis". He is one of the few experts in designing and adapting sailing yachts for the high latitudes. Also a proud holder of the Tilman medal, he has a wealth of experience exploring remote areas, including leading the first sailing expedition to explore some of the uncharted coastal areas of Baffin Island.
Luke Milner
Luke's wide-ranging experience includes numerous remote expeditions - kayaking in Alaska, diving in Antarctica, as well as skippering yachts. His project management skills were developed during many years managing large scale ventures in the hospitality industry. This experience combined with his organisational and analytical abilities are now utilised in the management of our projects and expeditions.
Dion Poncet
Dion Poncet is one of the most remarkable sailors on the high seas having been born and raised on a yacht in the Southern Ocean. Inevitably, with this background there are few corners of the Antarctic Peninsula, South Georgia and Falkland Islands that Dion does not know. His working knowledge of high latitude charter vessels, coupled with his ability to fix almost anything, makes Dion a valuable addition to any project or expedition.
The Reverend Bob Shepton
An institution in northern waters, Bob many years ago left the pulpit for the cockpit of his yacht. Through countless seasons of exploring he has become a leading expert on the waters around Greenland winning the Tilman Medal twice for his exploits (a unique achievement). His articles appear regularly in the international yachting press. www.bobshepton.co.uk
Uli Demel
Uli has a lengthy career as Master of exploration cruise vessels. He is a Master Mariner and highly experienced Ice Pilot. His many seasons operating in Antarctica mean that Uli brings to High Latitudes a wide range of experience in the preparation and pilotage of larger vessels.
Jon Amtrup
Jon Amtrup runs Explore North specialising in yacht based ski mountaineering expeditions in northern Norway. He has cruised and raced extensively almost his whole life, and his sailing CV includes two Atlantic crossings, six Bergen-Shetland races, 1000Mile Race, Watski Skagerrak Two Star, Simrad OneStar, and he has been up and down the Norwegian coast a number of times while cruising. He has equipped and refitted boats to sail in colder climates, supports yachts with weather routing services, and been advisor for several different expeditions. He enjoys diving and mountain hiking, when he isn't sailing. Jon is also a trained reporter and writer.
John Harries & Phyllis Nickel
John and Phyllis have made visits, many of them multiple, in their sailboat and home, Morgan's Cloud,to Newfoundland, Labrador, Baffin, Greenland, Iceland, Norway and Svalbard, spending substantial time in each place exploring new anchorages, meeting the people, hiking and skiing. As guides they share their knowledge including, ice, weather, safe practices, little-known anchorages, culture and history, gained in over 20 years of cruising the North Atlantic and adjacent Arctic oceans, together with knowledge gleaned from their extensive collection of Arctic books.